ACCE DTP PhD opportunities at the Natural History Museum

Below you will find a list of projects available for study at Natural History Museum. Applications should be made via the institution portal, linked in the FindAPhD page. 

The ACCE application system is a little different from other PhD programmes. We strongly recommend that you read the How to Apply and Application Tips webpage to understand what we are looking for at ACCE and how to make your application. 

In brief:

– Contact potential supervisors before submitting an application. 

– You can apply for more than one project 

– You must include your completed ACCE personal statement proforma as an attachment/in the section requesting a cover letter/supporting statement/personal statement (note that what it is called and how it is submitted depends on the institution you are applying to). 

Current projects available for October 2022 entry:

Rock eating fungi? The role of Mucoromycotina ‘fine root endophytes’ in silicate mineral weathering and plant nutrition

Nature’s minature solar panels: the thermal properties of butterfly wing scales and their evolution.

Bioprospecting for biotechnological solutions to sustainable mineral resource management

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