Students – ACCE 1 – Cohort 1

Rhiannon Bolton

University of Liverpool

Lead Supervisor: Prof Paula Stockley

Project Title: Proximate-mediators of competitive behaviour in cooperatively breeding mammals

Research Interests: My research interests encompass environmental and adaptive factors that affect fertility, reproductive endocrinology, behaviour and therefore impact upon welfare and species survival

Garrath Leighton

University of Liverpool

Lead supervisor: Dr David Atkinson

Project title: A trait based approach to predicting the limits of respiratory control in aquatic ecotherms

Greg Rushby

University of Sheffield

Lead Supervisor: Prof Mark Bateman

Research Interests: I’m a geomorphologist with an interest in the interaction between humans and coastal and catchment environments. In particular I am interested in the role sedimentary archives play in informing climate change adaptation and environmental management in such settings.

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