The ACCE DTP placements scheme provides an opportunity and financial help for our students to undertake a 1-3 month placement during their PhD. Students on programme can apply for a placement at any time – students usually undertake placements in the 2nd or 3rd year of their PhD.

The placement aims to provide work experience with organisations that may otherwise be unable to take on an intern. Such experience is important both to help you understand the context of your research and to expose you to the range of career opportunities available to you after you graduate. Your placement will offer significant added value to your doctoral programme which could not be achieve in your home institution. Examples of different types of placements include:

  • Conducting surveys, analysing data and producing reports; Investigating efficiency and cost-saving activity;
  • Managing, delivering a particular service for a certain period;
  • Joining specific teams to assist in the delivery of their activities and projects;
  • Teaching – in schools, using the Researchers in Residence scheme, or through other mechanisms;
  • Policy – developing policy or working in a related setting, such as a government department, local authority, non-departmental public body, professional association, charity, research funder or medical organisation;
  • Media – a wide variety of roles are possible here that help students understand the wider societal context of their research. Such placements could include working in science communication roles or other roles in a press office, science publishing company, zoo, museum or botanic garden, etc.

ACCE support for placements

  • Your stipend will be extended for the duration of the placement beyond the 3.5 years of your PhD studentship.
  • Cost of travel to/from the location of the placement.
  • Cost of accommodation if necessary.
  • Other occasional expenses, limited to local travel and travel insurance.
  • The maximum claimable budget for travel, accommodation, and other occasional expenses should not exceed £1,500 for UK based placements (£500 additional London allowance for placements in London and London Metropolitan Region) and £3,500 for Overseas placements.
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