Research Lab Visits (RLVs)

Please note that supported lab visits are available to ACCE DTP2 students only.

ACCE DTP2 students may be supported for up to three months to facilitate visits to research labs to develop new field, lab, or analytical skills relevant for their PhD projects. Supported lab visits can take place in any lab – within out outside of ACCE, in the UK or overseas (with the exception that visits to a co-supervisors lab should be paid from the student’s RTSG and not from an RLV award). RLVs are distinct from placements (also offered by ACCE DTP) by being research-driven, and are intended to enable the student to learn new skills relevant to their PhD project.

Students may apply for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of three months, over a maximum of two lab visits during their studentship (the total time applied for across the two visits should not exceed three months). Separate visits should cover separate skills training. For all visits the skills training should be significant and aimed at learning a specific, new skill relevant to the student’s PhD project. Note that RLVs should not be based in your co-supervisor’s or CASE/project partner’s lab.

Funding to cover travel and accommodation costs will be provided to approved RLVs (up to £1,500 for UK visits outside London, £2,000 for visits in London, and £3,500 for international visits). In addition, up to £1,000 towards costs incurred by the RLV host (e.g., bench fees) is available. Other research-related costs (e.g., consumables) are expected to come from the student’s RTSG or the host partner.  All requested costs should be appropriately justified at the time of application.

If a student undertakes two separate lab visits, the allowance may be split on a pro-rata basis; for example if one UK visit and one international visit takes place (at 1.5 months each), a student may claim for half of the international allowance and half of the UK allowance per visit, plus up to £1000 (in total) for research costs. Please contact the ACCE DTP team if you would like any specific advice on costings.

Note that funding is not available for any additional stipend or fees, and RLV awards do not extend a student’s funding or submission end dates.

Students should normally apply for RLV support before the end of year 3 of the PhD, although some flexibility is permitted.  Please contact the ACCE DTP team if you wish to discuss when to apply.

Download the Research Lab Visit application form here.

The next deadline for applications is Friday 6th January 2023.

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