What we’re looking for

We have identified the key qualities which we believe make an excellent PhD student – commitment, passion, and creativity. Our selection criteria are designed to allow us to recognise these qualities. We aim to follow an equity minded holistic review process, recognising that there are many ways to be an amazing PhD student. We focus on identifying candidates with great potential to succeed at PhD level.

In assessing PhD applications, selection panels will be looking for evidence of

  • Commitment
  • Passion for the project
  • Creativity
  • Grasp of relevant science
  • Core skills

Outstanding candidates will show evidence of commitment by having gone above and beyond their degree. Candidates will either have overcome major barriers to complete their studies, or engaged with science in multiple ways in addition to their degree.

Outstanding candidates will show evidence of passion for the project by showing a deep understanding of the project area and its place in the wider field.

Outstanding candidates will show evidence of a grasp of relevant science by being able to explain a piece of research of their choosing, including its relevance, and of creativity by suggesting ways they might extend or improve it.

Outstanding candidates will show evidence of core skills by having all of the essential skills for the project, and may have some of the desired skills.

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