Some of the highlights of our training approach include:

  • Whole-cohort training activities where ACCE students from all institutions come together.
  • Cross-institutional postgraduate activities and committees, peer-to-peer training, and online resources that foster a strong postgraduate community.
  • Training within a coherent multi-disciplinary environment, exposing you to a wide variety of relevant and related fields.
  • Opportunities for engagement with industry partners in training and placements.
  • Bespoke and flexible training combined with compulsory activities to ensure each student has the most appropriate training according to their individual needs.
  • Enhanced training opportunities in qualitative skills, omics, and field methods as well as enhanced professional skills such as entrepreneurship, policy, careers, and science media.

Throughout your PhD you will be able to undertake training specialised to your own research needs.

Every student completes a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) (sometimes called a Development Needs Analysis (DNA)) with their supervisor at least once a year to identify their training needs. This will normally take place as part of your standard progression processes at your host institution, but it is your supervisor’s responsibility to make sure it happens.

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