Students – ACCE 1 – Cohort 2

Michael Kelland

University of Sheffield

Lead Supervisor: Prof David Beerling

Project Title: How to cool the planet and save coral reefs by 2100: Experimental investigations of enhanced weathering as a geoengineering CO2 removal strategy

Research Interests: I am interested in assessing the feasibility, efficacy, risks and co-benefits associated with climate intervention measures proposed to counteract anthropogenic climate change. My Ph.D. project will investigate a recently proposed strategy, terrestrial enhanced weathering, which could potentially be used to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and offset ocean acidification.

Kassandra Reuss-Schmidt

University of Sheffield

Lead Supervisor: Dr Donatella Zona

Project Title: Carbon flux variability in Arctic Polygonal Tundra

Research Interests: The research project focuses on understanding CH4 and CO2 fluxes in Arctic wetlands by analysing eddy-covariance tower data and relating them to remotely sensed environmental data, such as NDVI, TWI, etc. The aim is to understand the impact of spatial heterogeneity within the footprint of the tower and the impact that would in turn have on carbon flux estimates, either in terms of annual budgets or up-scaling.

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