Supervisors – UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Dr Daniel Chapman

Current ACCE Student: Emily Waddell

Dr Nicholas Cowan

Atmosphere Chemistry and Effects

Research Interests: Greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen pollution, agricultural systems and pollution

Current ACCE student: Georgia Beel

Dr Francis Daunt

Current ACCE student: Sophie Bennett

Dr Aidan Keith

Soils and Land Use

Research Interests: I am an ecologist who likes measuring soils and want to better understand their inner workings and unpack the black box, in an effort to shape more sustainable and resilient landscapes. As well as having a deep curiosity for belowground biodiversity, specific research interests include the impacts of land use and management on soil ecosystems (structure & functions), and links and interactions between trees, belowground biology and wider ecosystem services. 

Twitter: @soilandstuff

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